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Revolutionizing Optical Amplification

Erbium Doped Waveguide Amplifier Technologies

Rare-Earth Ion Doped Photonic Integrated Circuits


Erbium-doped long waveguides providing optical gain with a sub-cm-square footprint

High Performance

> 30 dB on-chip gain
> 16 dBm on-chip output power
Low noise figure (<7 dB)
Temperature insensitive gain


Wafer-scale fabrication
Flexible design including passive and active photonic components

Extended Range

Possibility to incorporate other ions to address a wide range of wavelengths

EDWATEC is an Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) offering Rare-Earth Ion-Doped Photonic Integrated Circuit based Devices:

  • Erbium-based amplifiers and lasers
  • Custom PIC design, fabrication, and doping
  • Photonic packaging
  • A wide range of ions that covers the full optical spectrum (Er, Yb, Pr, etc.)




EPFL Innovation Park, B√Ętiment C,

CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

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